5th JANUARY 2025


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Rules 50th edition


• There will be no classification for the FUN RACE
Race bibs are strictly personal given that they are numerically attributed to competitors. No names can be changed. All competitors must stay in the area reserved for them. 
• The abusers will be put in a position to NOT continue on the path of the event. Coaches and spectators must remain in the viewing area and off the trail.
• Possibility of purchasing a diploma of participation at € 2.00 (to be requested at the Società Podistica Novella).
Bags will be distributed automatically to all competitors (others will have to request them at the start line) with the possibility to transport clothing for free from the start to the finish line. Bags must be used exclusively to hold post-race clothing and must be given to the organizers at least 30 minutes before the start. The organization, while ensuring the utmost care when collecting, transporting and delivering bags does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage and will not give reimbursements.
• Snowshoes must be returned within three dates from the race day.


Event approved by C.T. FIASP in Trento with note n.01 / 2024 del 26/09/2023
Event approved with the sole aim of recognition.
Event supported by the Patronage of the Fiasp Federazione Italiana Amatori Sport for all and the Patronage of the Fiso Federazione Italiana Sport Orientamento. La Ciaspolada event will take place in VAL DI NON on a route of around 7/10 km both for the competitive race and for the non-competitive race.
Registration forms must be sent to the Organizing Committee with the relative fee; registration requests by telephone will not be taken into consideration. No entry fees will be returned if competitors do not take part in the race for whatever reason.
Registration gives participants the right to take part in the event, refreshments, and individual and Group recognitions supplied by the Organizing Committee. Every other service must be paid for by participants. The maximum time to complete the course is set at two hours. Fixed and mobile checkpoints will validate the correct execution of the route by all participants. The Organizing Committee has a right to bring forward the deadline for registrations regardless of the date the same were sent in relation to the number of registrations received. Late registrations will not be accepted, and the fees will be returned. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to vary the route and duration of the event in any way in relation to the snowfall and weather conditions by organising a cross country race in the event there is no snow at all. In any case however fees and costs related to snowshoe hire will not be returned.


a) only as far as the competitive race is concerned, athletes of both sexes are allowed as long as they are registered with a sports club and in possession of a Sports Medical Certificate that allows them to practice in competitive form; the same must be presented as an attachment to the registration

b) the start will be made without wearing snowshoes. Each individual participant must hold his or her own pair during the entire first moment of the race until where the snow trail begins. At the marked point one must stop and wear the snowshoes firmly on the feet and independently without any kind of help from any person - under penalty of mandatory disqualification. Once worn you will then continue to the finish line with snowshoes

c) competitors must cross the finish line with both snowshoes firmly attached to their feet. If a competitor loses a snowshoe while running, he or she must leave the course and put it back on to finish the race; an athlete who runs more than 3 meters of the race course without both snowshoes attached to his or her feet may be disqualified

d) if a competitor has been hindered or impeded by another competitor and therefore believes that his or her finishing time does not match, the same athlete may submit an appeal in writing to the Race Director within 30 minutes; thereafter, if the complaint is accepted, his or her time will be adjusted

e) an athlete shall immediately withdraw from the race in the event that he/she is called out by a designated medical staff member, any official, or the Race Director

f) disqualification or sanction of a competitor shall be determined by the competition jury in the event of:

- non-compliant material
- early start (false start)
- running without snowshoes outside the areas indicated by the Race Director
- running outside the marked race course
- undetected passage at control points
- for unsportsmanlike conduct and/or obstructionism
- arrival at the finish line without snowshoes
- if loose or untied snowshoe interferes with another athlete competing in the same area
- if, according to officials, he or she firmly pushes, obstructs, or steps on the snowshoe of another competitor

g) snowshoe requirements
Snowshoes may be commercial models or prototypes and may be modified, but must meet the following minimum measurements:
length: 53.34 cm (21 inches)
width: 17.78 cm (7 inches)
- snowshoes must have at least 4 crampons
- participants are free to choose the shoes they prefer
- it is allowed to mount the shoes directly on the snowshoes
- those who arrive with improperly sized snowshoes will be automatically disqualified

h) doping, as well as denial to submit to control, are strictly prohibited according to the rules of the current National Association and the World Federation

i) the use of poles in running is prohibited

l) if a competitor falls, he/she may get up and finish the race, obviously with both snowshoes on his/her feet

The competitive field is divided into:
JUNIOR CATEGORY female + male up to 19 years old
SENIOR CATEGORY female + male 20 to 39 years old
VETERANS CATEGORY female + male 40 years and older

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